Here you will find photos and information about the tack I have made. I always strive to make my tack as realistic as possible. I get most of my ideas from photos I have found in tack catalogs, as well as real ones.
Some of the saddle sets you see here are for sale. The prices will vary depending on the amount of tooling etc. that is on them. Details are on the page(s) with the photos. At the present time I am accepting Money Orders and Checks. I will also be selling them on ebay.
I have also made some saddle pads. If you would like to see them, they are on the Saddle Pads Page. I have also made some lariats (lasso's) and string cinches as well. You can see them by clicking Here.

NOTICE: I found a miniature punch that I use for making small (1/32") holes in cinches/bridles etc. Click Here to see a photo of it.

Below are photos of saddles I have made so far. Click on the pictures below to see larger photos of them.

Saddle 1

Saddle 2

Saddle 3

Saddle 4

Saddle 5

Saddle 6

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